Sunday, December 19, 2010

West Bengal: An Oasis of Communal Harmony

Muslims are still a minority group in West Bengal whereas in Bangladesh, previously East Bengal, the opposite holds true; the Muslims there are the majority fraction while the Hindus have become a minority. Physical torture, molestation of the women, looting of property, desecration of temples, eviction from ancestral hearth and home is all too common in the eastern half of the original, greater Bengal, i.e. Bangladesh and is almost exclusively perpetrated on the minority, Hindu/Buddhist/Christian communities by the majority, Muslim community. In sharp contrast, in West Bengal suffering of the Islamic, or for that matter any other religious, minority at the hands of majority community is practically non-existent. My dear reader, what you are largely unaware, at least on the level of conscious awareness, is that in West Bengal Hindus are tortured on a regular basis by Muslims in sizeable demographic pockets where Muslims are in majority, and sometimes, even in those areas where Muslims form a sizable population.

The so-called culturally enriched and enlightened Bengali intelligentsia seems to be either sold out to powers that can afford to pay or remain hallucinated under the influence of an absolutely distorted and misinterpreted understanding of secularism. There seems to be no one present to protest or even utter a single word. The electronic media as well as the printed press remain completely silent and tight lipped under the influence of Petro-dollars. Vote hungry, corruption ridden, intellectually dishonest and unscrupulous politicians, irrespective of ideology or affiliation, play down anti-Hindu communal events as they seek the organized support of Muslim demography by appeasing to the general Muslim as well as its criminal underworld counterpart in a brazen manner. Islamic expansionism engulfs a larger physical area and spreads its tentacles to augment its domain of influence in all its ramifications and as a consequence the very basic secular, democratic and pluralistic nature of West Bengal society seems to get crumbled. The only question that seems to remain unanswered under the current state of affairs is how fast is that going to happen! Any knowledgeable and informed person will have serious doubts about the future for West Bengal as this part of Bengal is experiencing the fate and ultimatum that the other half of Bengal have been continually facing since the last six decades. We are leading into an inevitable, black curtain of Islamization in every sphere of life Bengali life. Please pursue the following events and remember that even though this is fairly representative, it is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg. My dear reader, this is the stark, grim and realistic picture of the communal harmony in West Bengal.


Date dd/mm/yy

PS (police station) and place/village

Brief description



Basirhat PS, Kachua

Mother Kalyanmoyee Kali temple destroyed, ornaments stolen, Deities burnt down and desecrated by disfiguring the Deity at specific and insulting areas.



Meenakha P.S. Debitala

The playground of poor tribal populace forcibly occupied and a canal has been dug out on the playground.




One traffic accident led to a Muslim casualty. All the Hindu shops selectively got damaged and goods stolen whereas the Muslim shops remained untouched.



Eropota, near Bangaon

Mihir Mondol's big plot of land forcibly occupied by Muslims. On 21st. October, 2010, Hindu Sanhati workers returned it back to the owner. However, HS workers were imprisoned for their endeavour.




In ward no. 3 of the municipality, over the last 60 years a primary Govt. school 'Nabarun Bidyamandir' has been functioning. In that school premises a dilapidated brick structure was tried to be renovated as a mosque and Namaz was forcibly offered within a 100% Hindu residential area.




In different community Kali Pujas in Taki municipality, Muslim rowdies from Shakchura area regularly tortured its Hindu populace and verbally abused the girls with sexual innuendoes.



P.K.Biswas Road, Khardah

Muslim miscreants broke Deity of Goddess Durga.



Sandeshkhali PS, Bhatidaha

14 year old Naina Sardar abducted by Rafiqul Sheikh. She was initially rescued but again abducted by the same miscreant. Police and administration failed to rescue her thereafter. Her current whereabouts are unknown. Rafiqul openly advocated repeating similar incidents and threatened Hindus, specifically the women, that they are his target. The Muslim politicians who have flocked the rival political parties to buttress Muslim expansionism and support all kinds of nefarious, illegal, anti-social activities whereas the Hindus have become the victims.



Sandeshkhali PS, Karipara

Kanu Sardar's house in Karipara village of Sarberia area was charred to ashes.




A Muslim miscreant with six or seven criminal cases against him who used to extort money regularly by exhibiting firearms (revolver) was lynched by a mob. Some 60/70 Muslims from his locality damaged and destroyed Hindu shops selectively while shops belonging to Muslim remained untouched.



Meenakhna PS

Mahanimtala crematorium. Every year Shiv and Kali puja takes place here. However, during immersion of idols, Muslims from Chaital region obstructed the immersion and attacked Hindus.



Kadamba-gachi village, Barasat

Poor Hindu refugees, driven away from Bangladesh after anti-Hindu persecution, have taken refuge in this village. Local Muslims regularly torture them and assault the Hindu women. Many victims have been driven away from home.



Meenakhan PS, Barodabad

Abetted by vote hungry Trinamool workers, Muslims attacked Hindu Samhati workers who were returning from training camps.


Nodakhali PS

Every year before Durga Puja, Muslims erect a gate for Eid with an intention to create trouble even though Eid occurs much after Durga Puja. After Eid is over, this Gate is never dismantled. This year in a special style and with further encroachment, the gate was kept in the Birlapur junction resulting in confrontation.



Bhangor PS, Sudia and Aswathberia

Campaigns of terror, threat and assault going on against the Hindus for a long time. Muslim criminals and anti-social elements have turned Sudia junction as hub for illicit liquor and illegal activities.



Jainagar PS, Gabberia High School

During lunch break, permission was requested for offering Namaz within the class rooms. On denial of the request by school authorities Hindus were assaulted, Hindu girls molested and houses belonging to Hindus were broken.



Usthi PS

On the night of electoral polling, a mosque was illegally built in Piyajgunj with tacit understanding with unlawful elements of the police force.



Joynagar PS, Belegram South

Minor Susmita was abducted by Muslim goons.



Bishnupur PS

One Muslim factory worker with the help of his co-religionists grabbed Keoradanga Hindu cremation ground located near his factory in Block No 1.



Canning PS

Block Development Officer of Canning block number 1, Shri Plavan Goswami was looted while on steamboat tour with his family. Muslim goons looted the complete barge. The chief administrative officer of the block is even not spared. This is the same route by which smuggled goods and illegal arms are trafficked between India and Bangladesh by the Islamic mafia.


Day of Bijaya Dashami (Dussera)


For long, this area has been known as mini-Pakistan, primarily for the torment that Hindus have suffered here on a regular basis. In an exceptional show of solidarity, fifteen clubs got united and carried out an immersion procession of Devi Durga which made this area look more like Hindusthan. The organizers have been getting regular threats for their daring act.



Park Circus, Kolkata

The procession for Jagadhatri puja was attacked and Muslim miscreants broke three temples in the area.



Chowrangee, Kolkata

This place is located in the heart of Kolkata. Islamic zealots attacked the head office of ‘The Statesman’, a newspaper with a century old legacy. The apparent crime according to the fundamentalist Muslim attackers was that the newspaper reproduced an essay previously published by the London based publication, ‘The Guardian’. For four days roads were blocked in the vicinity of the building and heart of Kolkata got choked. While the publisher and the editor got arrested as per the demands of the attackers, no one from the media reported this attack on free press.



Rampurhat, Mahajanpatti

The Durga Puja immersion procession by ten Puja organizing clubs was attacked collectively by the entire Muslim population of village Boguti. In Muslim dominated areas or where sizable populations of Muslims exist, no single Hindu procession can pass through for fear of attacks by local Muslims. This situation is becoming increasingly true for the rest of West Bengal. So, the Hindus from several clubs get together to organize immersion processions.




In a cultural programme organized within the house of Shyamal Das, six or seven Muslim youth entered and started abusing the women, following which they were driven out. Subsequently, about fifty Muslims came from the nearby locality and ransacked the entire exhibition including the Deities.



JagatballavpurPS, Manikpeer

Hindus caught a Muslim thief stealing goats. In show of Islamic solidarity, few thousand Muslims from Islampur area retaliated against the Hindu villagers. Police arrested 14 Hindus and filed charge-sheets against 24 Hindus.



Hatgacha-2 Panchayet, Barberia

Garden belonging to a Hindu owner was forcefully occupied which was resisted by other Hindus reoccupied. Muslim miscreants came in hordes, attacked and bombed it, following which it fell into Muslim hands again. Smt. Arpita Pramanik, a Hindu lady, was put behind the bar and spurious cases filed against many Hindus.



Bonharishpur High school

Forcible observance of Nabi-Dibas (Islamic birthday). Protests lead to the arrest of many Hindus, including Sri Sujoy Ghosh.




Three Muslim youths while riding a motor-bike hit a Hindu youth following which an altercation ensued and the Hindu beat up the Muslim person in protest of the accident. Then, during the Vishwakarma Puja festival, some local tribal women were rejoicing in celebration. A few Muslim youths, in guise of dancing, started molesting the women. Then on the 9th day (Nabami) of Durga Puja festival at Khadinan intersection, local Muslim youths dragged some Hindu women, who were visiting from Pachala village. This lead to protest by the Hindus resulting in further altercation between the communities.



Bagnan, Paikari

Block Development Officer was publicly mercilessly beaten up by Muslim mob on a flimsy ground of construction of Road.




On the day of Muharram, during Tajia procession the Muslims broke the roof of Sani temple, burnt down houses belonging to the Hindu community and looted everything.




A procession by 30 organizing clubs carrying idols of Goddess Jagaddhatri (Protector of the world) for religious immersion was blocked by Muslims at Bhaktar crossing. Police then forcibly threw those idols into roadside canals



Shibpur, Padmapukur

In the upscale area of Padmapukur, on Ramjan Ali would regularly come to “Ghosh-bagan” and pass obscene, lecherous innuendos toward the Hindu women. A courageous person, Durga Singh, protested, following which it stopped. However, the person was soon beaten up and left aside to die.




A victory procession was taken out by the Trinamool Congress party consisting over 80% Muslims. It passed through Hindu majority areas of Borhal, Nikash, Dilkas, Khurigachi and shouted threats at the Hindus along the procession.




A local, household Durga Puja has been continually running here since 91 years. This year, hundreds of Muslim miscreants from the Chakkrishnarampur village of Nababpur, laid down on the road to block the immersion procession.



Beldanga, Naoda

Forcibly demanding Namaj recital during one hour lunch break within Jhaubona school premises, a group of well prepared Muslim goons started communal riots in a pre-planned manner, looting and burning down homes belonging to Hindus.



Shantipur, Malopara

Muslim mob attacked a procession of Goddess Kali. In the attack, Deity’s hand was chopped off and approximately 50 grams. of golden ornament looted from the alter.



Burdwan dist, Chatni

During a local fair (Burorajer Mela), armed Muslim mob attacked pilgrims from Jamalpur village, resulting in the death of a few and leaving hundreds injured.

Let it be crystal clear to all our readers that all these above narrated incidents are nothing but a small sample of the reality. What Bengal is facing today is not just serious but critical. Over last six decades in each individual block in West Bengal, proportion of Muslims has increased. Already three districts in WB have turned Muslim majority while a few others are on the verge of changing over and are borderline. In the vital indicative age group of 0-6 yrs of our population that is an indication of our future, this demographic imbalance is a maximum. Differential proportion of Muslims against the Hindu population is rising very sharply and this graph of demographic imbalance is very steep and getting steeper by day.

Should we be ready for being refugees for the first time (for those of West Bengal origin) or second time (of East Bengal origin) in life? The second category has the wound--- very painful, very deep rooted, very degenerative and vivid in the memory of our older generation. The pain of becoming a destitute from a balanced, prosperous life is the maximum. We need to create a mass resistance at grass root level with support from all strata of Hindu society. If each and every Hindu does not come out of their individualistic, selfish shell, We, the Bengali Hindus won't survive with an identity on the crust of this earth. No young generation Sindhi today speaks his mother tongue in his home. Devoid of an inch of land, the Sindhi cultural identity has evaporated into thin air. Our hibernation, apathy and procrastination in all its ramifications have to be crushed. Otherwise, nature will not forgive us. Like the dinosaurs, We, the Bengali Hindus shall become extinct