Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Goal of COMMUNAL VIOLENCE BILL 2011- destruction of Hinduism

The bill titled “Prevention of Communal and Targeted Violence Bill – 2011” has been drafted under the leadership of UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi. It will soon be tabled in Parliament for approval.

The bill divides Indian society in two parts: “Group” (minority community comprised of Christians and Muslims) and “Others” (majority community, meaning Hindus). This bill assumes that “Others”, the majority community of India (Hindus) are habitual perpetrators of violence and the ”Group” (Muslims and Christians) are the victims.

On the contrary, study after study has proven that Muslims have instigated many of the communal violence incidents in India. Several of these studies have been by independent and renowned juridical authorities of unimpeachable integrity. To cite an instance, Justice Tewatia’s “indisputable” report clearly states the attacks on Sabarmati Express at Godhra station on February 27, 2002 were pre-planned by a Muslim mob in which 58 Hindu women and children were roasted alive. (

This bill has been drafted by National Advisory Council (NAC). The Advisory committee is a nominated body and has no constitutional status. The stated purpose of the Bill is to address the question of communal violence in the country but the extremely insidious agenda is to communalize Indian polity, create hatred against Hindus, destroy communal harmony, demonize Hindus and convert Hindus either to Christianity or Islam.

This bill seeks to perpetuate a fraud on the majority Hindu community of India. The bill’s target is implicit and sub rosa the Hindu community of India. The bill subliminally propagates abhorrence against Hindus.

Amongst the exceptionally biased and one-sided provisions of the bill are:

· If a case is registered against a Hindu, he has to prove his innocence.

· This law is applicable only when the victim is the “Group” that is, a Muslim or a Christian.

· During the trial, the court may issue orders to attach the property of the accused Hindu.

· The victim will be granted financial compensation within 30 days.

· If a Hindu loses property, is humiliated or boycotted, this law would not apply.

· If any Hindu publishes, communicates, disseminates, broadcasts, advertises by words, either spoken or written, news about communal violence he would be prosecuted for hate propaganda.

· Under this bill, if a Muslim or a Christian complains against any Hindu leader or organization that his/her feelings have been offended, that person/organization would be hauled up.

· Hindus would be prosecuted by “Communal Harmony Authority” to be set up at the state and central levels with seven members each, of which four including chairman and deputy chairman should be from the minority communities.

· All the crimes mentioned under this law are non-bailable.

High Court Advocate, P.P. Hegde has termed the bill as “dreadful”. Mr. Hegde has compared this bill to the imposition of jaziya (tax on infidels) on Hindus and Sikhs during Islamic rule in India. BJP has described it as “dangerous”. Jaya Lalitha, Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu finds this bill as “Fascist”. Mamta Banerjee, Chief Minister of West Bengal; Mayawati, Chief Minister of U.P.; and several other Chief Ministers have vehemently criticized it. None of the Opposition Parties or Hindu leaders have been consulted in this regard.

The names of the principal members of the drafting and advisory committee are as under:

I. · Najmi Waziri,

II. · P.I.Jose,

III. · Teesta Setalvad,

IV. · Farah Naqvi,

V. · Abusaleh Shariff,

VI. · Asgar Ali Engineer,

VII. · John Dayal,

VIII. · Justice Hosbet Suresh,

IX. · Kamal Faruqui,

X. · Manzoor Alam,

XI. · Maulana Niaz Farooqui,

XII. · Ram Puniyani,

XIII. · Shabnam Hashmi,

XIV. · Sister Mary Scaria,

XV. · Syed Shahabuddin,

XVI. · Aruna Roy,

XVII. · Anu Aga,

XVIII. · Farah Naqvi,

XIX. · Harsh Mander, and

XX. · Maja Daruwala

Almost all of them are either Christians, Muslims or rabid anti-Hindu Leftists. From their past actions, most of them seem to have been born with an animus against the Hindu ethos. They are notorious for their hate mongering proclivity against Hindus. They are either explicit or closet supporters of violence and discrimination against peaceable and tolerant Hindus.

In India, the Hindu population is more than 80%. Hinduism is renowned in the world as a religion of tolerance and benevolence towards other religious faiths for thousands of years. It is a part of the central doctrines of Sanatana Dharma aka Hinduism. As a testament, we can point out that minorities are today governingIndia.

UPA Chairperson Sonia (Antonia Maino) Gandhi is a devout, professing Catholic. She is of Italian origin and she is a naturalized citizen of India. At marriage, she insisted that her husband Rajiv Gandhi convert to Christianity and that her children be raised as a Christian/Catholic. Unfortunately, Sonia Gandhi has understood little of the Hindu culture of amity, tolerance, and ecumenism. Her son Rahul Gandhi is reported to have told the American ambassador Timothy Roemer in 2009 that India is facing a greater terror threat from radical Hindu groups than from Muslim militant 5th columnists. Both, Sonia and Rahul seem to suffer from an acute case of Hindu phobia; their mindset is unwavering in trying to suffocate and suppress Hindus legally in India. The aim of this draconian bill is to achieve that goal.

It is interesting to note that Sonia Maino Gandhi’s advisors and ministers are almost all either Christians or Muslims. A.K. Anthony, Defense Minister; Salman Khurshid, Law Minister; Gulam Nabi Azad, Health Minister; Ahmed Patel, Seniormost Political Advisor; Margaret Alva, Governor of Uttarakhand; and Anil Kumar Brown, also known as "Charlie" Browne, Chief of Air Staff are amongst the most notables. According to, even Ambika Soni, the current Information and Broadcasting Minister of India who sports a big tilak on her forehead like Sonia and Rahul, and whose name sounds like a Hindu is also a Christian. “She is also widely crticized for arm-twisting the media, and trying to gag it”. Five chief ministers in Nagaland, Mizoram, Meghalaya, Kerala and Arunachal Pradesh are also devout Christians.

The noose is being tightened on Hindus. The situation for Hindus in India, in short, can be described as abysmally apocalyptic even though it is the majority religion of India. Once this bill is enacted in Parliament, a precariously perilous situation will arise for Hindus. Hindus must scrutinize and examine the threat emanating from this fraudulent bill. This bill is downright dangerous for the unity and integrity of India.

It is essential that we should immediately unleash a propaganda blitz in print and electronic media, highlighting the disastrous and deleterious impact the Communal Violence Bill will have on the body politic of India and its majority Hindu civilization.

The survival of Hindus is at stake. Our future generation will not forgive us if we just succumb under pressure and keep watching from sidelines as a spectator or act like a referee. We should wake up from the deep slumber, stop internal squabbles, learn to work in unison, and come up with a solid strategy to get rid of anti-Hindu UPA government.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Rs 318 ticket to terror?

All it takes for a cross-border terrorist to travel from Bangladesh to Sealdah railway station in the heart of Kolkata is Rs 318.

According to recent state government Intelligence reports accessed by The Statesman, illegal immigrants, including certain suspected terrorists named in the report, pay a mere Rs 18 to enter Bongaon, a border village in India, through Benapole in Bangladesh. In Bongaon, the illegal immigrants pay another Rs 300 to reach Sealdah station.

Suspected terrorists from the Pakistan-based militant group Harkat-ul-Mujahiddin are using this "safe route" to enter India, paying the fee to touts who safely transport them to their destinations. From Sealdah, these individuals can easily travel anywhere else in the country.

"They disperse to various parts, including Rajasthan, Punjab and Assam," says the report. "But most of these trespassers prefer to go to Malda town first." A senior intelligence official said: "Before venturing out to the rest of the country it is easy for the suspected terrorists to find a hideout in Malda. Also, it is easy to enter rural Malda via Kolkata after carrying out terrorist activities elsewhere in the country."

Reports that terrorists use Kolkata as a transit route are nothing new. Back in 2010, Calcutta High Court, worried about the security of the general public in West Bengal, expressed concerns that the state was becoming a "safe haven for terrorists."

According to Intelligence experts, more than 74 "terror masterminds” from Bangladesh are hiding in and operate from various Indian cities. Interpol has already issued arrest warrants for most of them.

Central Intelligence agencies have received specific information, the official said, that absconding Bangladesh terrorists, including Fateh Ali, Kamrul Hassan, Kala Jahangir and Jabbar Munna, have established links with separatist and jihadist groups in Jammu and Kashmir.


Friday, November 4, 2011

Muslims can practice Yoga but “OM” is blasphemous!

Every day at 7.30 am in Sardar Baug, a public garden in the Walled City area of Lal Darwaja in Ahmedabad, Muslim women in burqas and men in kurta pyjamas practise yoga. As their instructor, Chandrika Kansara, begins the session with the chanting of aum, her trainees, almost all of them Muslims, follow her with the sound of all…aah…ou.

It is an improvisation of the sound that accompanies pranayam — the breathing exercise that starts and ends a yoga session — disassociating it from religious symbolism and opening it to all.

It all began in 2004 when Naresh Patel, then additional commissioner of police (Traffic), started yoga sessions for his personnel in the Children’s Park in Sardar Baug. “Around eight to 10 Muslim women would come for morning walk. One day, they asked if they could join,” Patel, who retired in 2008, said.

Soon the number went up to 40, with Muslim men also joining the yoga classes. When they decided to say all…aah..ou instead of aum as the exhaling sound in the yogic breathing exercise, Patel saw nothing wrong.

Haji Fakiramma, a Mirzapur resident who has been attending the sessions from the beginning, says religion does not come in her way. “I see no difference between the two dhwanis as both start with a. I am a diabetic and practising yoga helps me keep my sugar level and blood pressure under control,” says the 70-year-old.

“This is above religion. I produce sound of all…aah…ou because it is like invoking Allah. It gives me more strength,” says Mehrun Patel of Shahpur.

Yoga and Islam have had a complex relationship. In 2008, top Muslim clerics in Indonesia and Malaysia decreed it “un-Islamic”.

But in India, with the recent rise in Yoga gurus, it is packaged as part of a non-allopathic cure for diseases. With Swami Ramdev and other gurus holding out Yoga for Muslims and Christians as an ‘Indian’ way of addressing — and even claiming to cure — certain lifestyle ailments, Yoga has seen a huge rise in popularity.

In 2008, Swami Ramdev even addressed imams at an all-India conference organised by Jamiat Ulema e-Hind. Then, a fatwa issued by Dar-ul-Uloom clearly stated that there was no harm in adoption of Yoga by Muslims, especially if words like Aum were substituted by ‘Allah’.

Not saying aum does not hinder the breathing practice, instructor Chandrika Kansara says. “It is an exercise to inhale more oxygen. If sound of all…aah…ou does that, so be it!” says the 54-year-old.


Thursday, November 3, 2011

Communal Award

An Essay Towards Balkanisation

By Dr. Santosh Bhattacharya

Political parties are now desperately trying to promise job reservation to Muslims and Other Backward Classes by amending the Constitution in the name of “protection of minorities”. Even the Prime Minister is reportedly seeking consensus on the issue of Muslim reservation. India will become a union of balkanised religious and caste groups.

The demand for Muslim reservation has arisen because in certain states the community can swing the election results. The so-called secular parties find it convenient to woo them, by promising quotas in government jobs and educational institutions. UPA-II exists on the support by such state parties.

What will the Muslim reservation lead to? After Partition, the vast majority of Hindus, not necessarily supporters of the BJP, consider the Muslims who stayed back as impostors, who should have gone to Pakistan, their homeland. Hence, they do not support any reservation of State benefits for Muslims. On the other hand, the Muslims who stayed back complain that they are ignored and oppressed by the Hindu majority, resulting in lack of development. They demand that the secular State should give them equal opportunities, often termed as "reverse discrimination". However, whatever may be the arguments for or against reservation for Muslims, the fact remains that such State programmes will reinforce the already-existing Hindu-Muslim divide in society. The Muslims will always try to remain as a closed and separate community to garner the advantages of reservation.

Lest somebody thinks that this perception of India’s Hindu-Muslim divide is an expression of over-reaction, a brief history of the country's polity over the past 62 years will prove the contrary. Consider first the Muslims. Kashmir is a tell-tale example of Muslim separatism. Whatever the secularists, the Congress leaders, and the so-called democratic leaders in Kashmir may say, there is little doubt that the overwhelming majority of Kashmir’s Muslims refuse to be citizens of secular India. They have driven out the minority Hindus from the Kashmir Valley, and want Kashmir to be a Muslim State on the principle of the 1947 Partition. They may decide to be an independent State or to join Pakistan.

All other demands raised by Muslims are intended to keep the community as a separate category, no matter what some sophisticated Muslim celebrities say. They do not have any influence over the Muslim masses. They are totally against a Common Civil Code. Branding the Hindu majority as oppressors, they demand reservation in jobs and other State benefits, proportionate to their population as equivalent shareholders of the State. They refuse to recognise any distinction between Dalits and others within the fold of Muslims.

The separatism of the Muslim masses is manifest in the field of sports. When India plays against Pakistan, Muslims in India and outside support the other country. Even Muslim celebrities speak up against perceived discrimination against the community, but not in the wake of blatant communalism.

Hindus are no different. Hindu and Muslim communities were never integrated and remained separate throughout history, even after centuries of Muslim rule, despite well-meaning efforts at integration by some kings and saints. Since India followed the Hindu religion since time immemorial, Hindus consider India as rightfully belonging to them, and not to other communities whose religions were imported from other countries. All communities in under-developed countries consider their own religion to be superior to those of others and refuse to integrate with them socially. So do the Hindus. The origin of our Hindu-Muslim divide is much more deep-rooted than it may appear.

However, Hindus are responsible for harbouring animosity. The Congress agreed to Partition for the sake of power. The overwhelming majority of Hindus never reconciled themselves to the development. In their reckoning, the Muslims connived with the British to force Partition. Hence, they hold Muslims responsible for dividing their motherland, and their age-old animosity towards Muslims only intensified. The Hindu middle class swears by secularism, but they do not treat Muslims as equals. Muslim resentment has grown in parallel over the years.

The BJP is no less responsible than the Congress for the communal situation. The party and its cohorts like to imagine that the Muslims have no rights, even the rights to which the minorities are entitled to. The BJP opposes reservation for Muslims, it refuses to accept the existence of Dalits within Muslims and Christians, and is opposed to refugee status to Muslims fleeing from Bangladesh and Pakistan. The BJP, however, is forthright in its views, as distinct from the Congress. The latter is no less communal, but it takes recourse to sophistication.

The Hindu masses, even if they don't support the BJP on every issue, do nurse their separatism, which explodes whenever India and Pakistan are opposed in sport. The Hindu sportsmen openly declare that they consider the contest with Pakistan as ‘special’. It will be difficult to find a Hindu championing a Pakistani team opposing India, even though they are unquestionably superior in talent.

The communal situation is worsening day by day. Could it lead to further balkanisation? To prevent that, various suggestions are being advanced. Kashmir can be allowed to opt out as a Muslim territory, in accord with the principle of Partition. Those who advocate this formula think that the Kashmir issue is at the root of the present communal militancy. Those who oppose such a step argue that it will amount to accepting the defeat of secularism, and will strengthen the demand for sending all Muslims out of the country, which is not feasible. A large majority of Muslims, who have stayed back, are rooted here. Thus, Kashmir has pushed India to a cul-de-sac. Possibly, India has to live with the Kashmir imbroglio, the price of the original sin of Partition.

Apart from Kashmir, India is threatened by further balkanisation in the wake of the recent moves by the Congress and the Communists to reserve jobs for Muslims by conferring the OBC status to the Dalit segment of the community. Since reservation for Muslims is unconstitutional, the political parties want to bypass the problem by bracketing as many Muslims as they can within the OBC category. This is constitutional, as decided by the Supreme Court. They argue that since the OBCs are backward, they need reservation for development, in government jobs, and educational institutions including the centres of higher learning. Muslims will get the benefit of reservation through the backdoor.

The country is thus faced with the danger of further balkanisation between Hindus and Muslims. The political parties must stop pursuing this policy of reservation. Islam does not recognise any Dalit. Experience suggests that there can be no uplift of non-Muslim backward classes through reservation. They require special measures to avail of educational opportunities as do the Muslims.

Reservation for Muslims and OBCs, in addition to such special measures, may also help in their “development” over time. But the immediate effect of such reservation policies will surely consolidate the groupings around religion and caste, leading to strident demands for constitutional reservation on the basis of the proportion of population both in the Centre and in the states. If the Constitution is thus amended, the number of Muslims in the Lok Sabha will be around 70 (12 per cent of the total Indian population), instead of their present number of around 30 elected by political parties. A similar representation may be evident in the state assemblies. Such balkanisation of the representatives in the legislatures will have an immediate effect because of their large numbers. It will be permanent in character because of group interest. The Indian State will become a Union of “balkanised” groups. That precisely is the way in which reservation will lead to balkanisation.

Courtesy: The Statesman Kolkata 28 Sep 2010