Monday, December 24, 2012

Hindus Exploited Financially in Bengal to Better Muslims Once More

No Government For Hindu Minority in Bengal

It is utterly futile to reiterate that the reigning Government of Bengal is most interested to better a single community – Muslim – in the state than any other and the same trend has been going since its induction into the governance almost two years back. And this stance does not bring forth any other notion except blatant appeasement or pseudo-secularism, the same saga has been going on unchecked and the latest addition to the same happens to be the (newest) diktat of Ministry of Minority Affairs, Government of India to spend Rs. 10 crores for development in any Block in Bengal inhabited by 20% of minority people.

With this end in view a meeting took place between officers of Ministry of Minority Affairs, Government of India and Ministry of Minority Affairs, Government of Bengal recently. The high-profile meeting was also attended by District Magistrates of 11 districts across Bengal.

According to the latest studies, 20% of minority people (dominated by Muslims altogether) do reside in no less than 51 Blocks across the state. As a result and it goes without saying that Muslims and Muslims only will turn out to be the largest beneficiaries of above-named governmental approaches. The special developmental programs will be prepared and pioneered formally by the concerned department of the State Government.

Meticulous analysis of Multi-sectoral Development Programme (MsDP) in Minority Concentration Districts (MCDs) also prevailed the meeting; Central officers expressed satisfaction over the State Government’s role in this regard. The latest decision confirms that MsDP project will continue for another five years in the state; Bengal received an amount of Rs. 360 crores (in the initial stage) for its implementation.

Hindus, therefore, are exploited once more to better Muslims; a great deal of Blocks in Bengal has been turned into Hindu-minority ones in the last tow decades. While Murshidabad and Maldah were leading in this case along with the Dinajpur districts, 24 Paraganas (South) that was on their trail has become a Muslim-majority district virtually. Magrahat Block remains a case study (in this respect) where Muslim population has increased by 40% in just last twenty years. And the Hindus came down to 47% in 2001 from 87% in 1981.

Hindu minority people in these areas have no respite; they can’t get amenities (of any kind) from the governance. They have not got a single penny yet and will not get anything ever.

According to dictionary, minority happens to be a small part of a population which is different from the rest in race, religion. If this definition is honored, Hindus can’t be snubbed ever; they ought to enjoy the minority status and have all the benefits in the Hindu-minority Blocks in Bengal.

Moreover, the National Commission for Minorities is yet to spell out the definition of minority.

Constitutional safeguards for religious and linguistic minorities of India states – Though the Constitution of India does not define the word ‘Minority’ and only refers to ‘Minorities’ and speaks of those ‘based on religion or language’, the rights of the minorities have been spelt out in the Constitution in detail (Source:

Hindus inhabiting Hindu-minority Blocks in Bengal should get the same benefits but the governance is steadfast to exploit them to better Muslims only.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Making of Another East Pakistan in Nadia District

A NRI's journey to his village

Shondanga is a lush-green village under PS Dhubulia, in Nadia District, West Bengal. It is just 7 km away from Mayapur (the headquarters of ISKCON), 2 km from National Highway number 34, and about 11 km from Sadar Krishnanagar (administrative headquarters of Nadia district).

The week after Durga Puja, a team of Hindu Samhati activists led by Sri. Tapan Ghosh, Sri. Dipak Sanyal and Sri. Somraj Ganguly visited Shondanga to assess the situation and offer strength and support to the beleaguered Hindus of this village, who are experiencing the brazen creation of another East Pakistan by alien Muslims who hold East Pakistani nationality, while the authorities continue to live in denial and nonchalantly look the other way.

There was not a single Muslim in Shondanga in June 1950. The village consisted of local Hindus and "refugee" Hindus from Chithalia and Amla- Sadarpur of Kushtia District, East Pakistan. Today, Shondanga has a population of over 20,000 (out of which about 95% are Muslims, while only about 1500 are Hindus), but Chithalia has no Hindu left.

The Hindu Samhati team met Sri. Sunil Pal, a remarkably brave hero and his equally resilient sister Kum. Renuka Pal, whose family has been spearheading the resistance (against the emerging East Pakistan-like situation for over 6 decades now) and have literally paid its price in blood. Their bold behaviour is exceptional in all of West Bengal. The brave Pal family is now the only Hindu family left in the Masjid Para of Shondanga.

They fearlessly guided the Hindu Samhati team around the village, including the 3 acres of Hindu land in Garai Para ("Locality of Oil Pressers") that has been forcibly occupied by Muslims to build a "club"; as well as the 18-remaining Hindu families (belonging to the extremely poor Muchi or cobbler community) in nearby Das Para.

In front of the Das Para, there is a small Kali temple and an adjoining ground which serves as the central meeting place of the Hindus of 'Das Para'. Not content with illegally capturing almost all of Shondanga village, the East Pakistani Muslims are now trying relentlessly to capture that ground and forcibly wrest it away from the native Hindus by turning it to an 'Anganwadi Center'.

Interestingly, this village is under 'Debipur Gram Panchayat' which is governed by BJP for a long time. but this booth is Muslim-majority, and its elected member is a Muslim from the Congress party.

Sri. Sunil Pal, a Chartered Electrical Engineer by profession, gives all the detailed background about the alien Muslims and their activities in this village, explains:

"My septuagenarian disabled elder sister, Kumari Renuka Pal, who is 81-years old, lives in Shondanga. I live with my family in London since over 3 decades but I have close contact with the village where we migrated in 1950.

My sister is the only Hindu in the so-called Masjid para. This village has 95% Muslim population. Muslims want to evict her so that they can grab our family property. She applied in the High Court of Calcutta and got an order for protection. Then SP Nadia Benoy Chakraborty IPS, a CPI(M) cadre, ignored the order. A contempt petition was filed which is still pending. She is now getting some sort of police protection causing anger to the Muslims.

Like many refugees, my late father Jagot Bondhu Pal came to live by exchanging land and properties in 1950 during the widespread communal riots in East Pakistan. Our house, along with all Hindu houses, was looted at Chithalia (PS Mirpur, Dist.Kushtia erstwhile Nadia, East Pakistan in March 1950. All Hindus from Chithalia and adjoining villages left for West Bengal. Most of them from Chithalia settled at Shondanga by exchanging their land and properties.

For your better understanding of issue in wider context, I shall reiterate the background and other details.

Background: There was wide spread communal riots in erstwhile East Pakistan in early 1950s. Hindus left in droves to avoid communal persecution. They exchanged their land and properties with the Muslims in West Bengal who were not affected as there were no riots in West Bengal. However Muslims wanted to leave voluntarily to live in their homeland i.e East Pakistan. Thus the Muslims took the nationality of Pakistan and Hindus that of India.

There was not a single Muslim in Shondanga in June 1950. The village consisted of local Hindus and "refugee" Hindus from Chithalia and Amla- Sadarpur of Dt. Kushtia, East Pakistan. Now Shondanga has a population of over 20,000 out of which only 1500 Hindus, but Chithalia has no Hindu.

Our family is now the only Hindu family in the Masjid Para of Shondanga. In 1950 all Muslims left for East Pakistan by exchanging the land and property with Hindus. Some Hindus exchanged the land and properties with proper documents, some by word of mouth and some by just one sheet of paper signed on a revenue stamp. The Muslims left although there was no communal riot in Shondanga or in Nadia. On the other hand there was widespread riot in East Pakistan driving out thousands of Hindus.

In 1956 when there was "RS" settlement record of land, the head of the Muslims from each family returned from East Pakistan to get their names recorded in RS record. The Government of West Bengal did not recognise the exchange of land and properties of Hindus by word of mouth or on the document where not all land of the Muslims was listed. In Muslim law, every adult person in the family has to sign a document of transfer of land. With regard to Hindus, the signature of the head of the family was enough. Thus those who did not have document listing each property and signed by each member of the Muslim family, had to give up the rightful ownership at the end though they have been living legally by exchanging their land and property. Thus Muslims got the land and properties which Hindus owned in East Pakistan where the Hindus could not return to reclaim.
The Muslims also got the land of "refugees" in Shondang owing to the Muslim law. That was a rather bizarre situation imposed on the hapless Hindus. They fought for a while but subsequently gave up and left the village. The Hindus with properly listed property stayed and yet to fight odd lapses but ultimately had to give up. Other Hindus left Shondanga to settle elsewhere in Nadia. Many became pauper again. The Muslims after acquiring voluntarily Pakistani nationality returned clandestinely to revert to Indian citizens illegally. They began forcible possession by disposing even legally settled Hindus like late Dr Sudhir Kumar Pal and his family who now live at Krishnanagar. Hundreds of Muslims together displaced him and the police behaved as onlookers. His sons Dr Subrata Pal and others live in Ghoorni, Krishnanagar like many other Hindus from Shondanga.

Muslims had thus double whammy at the cost of Hindus who lost their land and properties in Kushtia district as well as in Nadia. In addition, many Muslims in Shondanga clandestinely enjoy dual nationality. Hindus cannot claim Pakistani/Bangladesh hi nationality and claim their properties in Bangladesh.

After driving the most of the Hindu refugees, they then applied the brute force to the local Hindus. All Garai families are affected by the illegal acts of the Muslims. The Muslims forcibly displace Hindus from their land as a pastime. The court case takes long time. Thus the character of the land and property changes, the Hindus finally give up as all Muslims give evidence against Hindus who cannot find any witness owing to fear of persecution by the Muslims who are protected by the politicians now the CPI(M). This is has now become a tradition. Whenever there is a conflict, thousands of Muslims join hand against the Hindu family who does not get similar solidarity from the Hindus. Thus Muslims, who voluntarily took Pakistani nationality and subsequently Bangladeshi nationality, have driven out most of the Hindus who migrated from erstwhile East Pakistan. They are living elsewhere in Nadia.Many Muslim families enjoy dual nationality owing to overwhelming Muslim population.
As an example, CPIM leader Ismail Sheikh, s/o late Ehannabi who is married to a Bangladeshi woman clandestinely. His daughter was born in Bangladesh and settled there but visits Shondanga illegally to maintain dual nationality without any legal sanction of Indian government. His sons are also in similar situation. It is known that one of his sons has gone to the Middle East via Bangladesh but the rulers in West Bengal turn a blind eye to preserve vote banks.
Another Muslim Ashraf Gaen, Head master of Shondanga School, is a Pakistani/ Bangladeshi national. His father was in Pakistani civil service and died in Kushtia. Ashraf Gaen worked in Chuadanga and elsewhere in East Pakistan/Bangladesh but returned to Shondanga clandestinely in 1975 and has been a supporter/ member of CPIM. He took leading role in assaulting an observer of Election Commission in May 2004.These are just the tip of the iceberg in Nadia alone.

Our village in Nadia shows how a village without a single Muslim in 1950 has now over 20,000 Muslims. The village is like any Bangladeshi village. Cows are slaughtered every Friday. Mosque is built occupying public road (Road leading to Mayapur). Pregnant cow is "stolen" from a Hindu and is slaughtered at Muharam. The CPIM administration turns a blind eye to preserve vote banks constituted by aliens who have recorded their names in the voter list illegally at the behest of the political parties.

I will now give one example as to how the Muslims persecute Hindus to drive them out of the village.

Persecution of our family: My younger brother Nisith Pal a teacher of Belpukur High School was murdered by the Muslims in August 1975 just because he was a leader of Hindus. He was persecuted as he was exposing the criminal acts of the Muslims including slaughtering cows, clandestine movement and settlement of aliens etc. The Muslims conspired regularly as to how to kill him. He was attacked in our house several times. My father died in 1974. The Muslims got an additional opportunity, Nisith was murdered in 1975. Since my brother's murder, the Muslims were persecuting my mother and elder sister. Our pump house was destroyed several times, similarly our crops. It is a kind of pastime for the aliens, owing to brute numbers.

My mother died in 1994. Since then my sister is living alone in our house. She is being looked after by a maid. Her circumstances have encouraged the aliens to persecute her in association with the CPIM rulers.

Prelude to the latest bout of heinous crime and gross communalism against our family:

1. On 14th April 2000, the Muslims and the police at about 2.30 am destroyed 7 lines of 150 feet long barbed wire fence and 11 concrete pillars weighing 60 kgs each from the boundary of our house. The police have turned a blind eye as the criminals are Muslims protected by the CPI(M) administration.

2. On 23rd october 2000, in broad daylight at around 10am, more than dozens of CPI(M) Muslims raided our house and cut bamboos by force by threatening my sister. The police did nothing except a diary, GDE 696 of 23.10.2000. As a result my wife, Dr Kalyani Pal and I had to rush to our village. A case was instituted, CJM-Nadia Ordered by memo 451/2000 of 3.11.2000 to Dhubulia PS to record a case.(Dhubulia PS Case no.113/2000) . The case was not investigated properly and is still pending.

Since then the communalist Muslims in the guise of CPI(M) have been raiding our house as a pastime. My sister lodged dozens of complaints with Dhubulia Police station who has shown close affinity with the Muslims at the behest of the CPI(M) rulers. It was a sort of routine that the police insulted her and refused to take any complaint from her.

On 8th September 2002 a group of Muslims after a grand conspiracy trespassed and squatted in our house. The police at Dhubulia PS did not do anything. On 12th September 2002, my sister (Renuka Pal) got an order of removal by the Executive Magistrate, Krishnanagar, Nadia, case no.61/EM/02. Mr Himadri Chakroborty then OC Dhubulia refused to accept the order let alone execute it. Owing to this my sister, sent the copy of the order by registered post but still he did not act properly. Mr Chakroborty half-heartedly removed the trespassers on 17th September 2002 without arresting anyone who trespassed, squatted and threatened my sister in our house to kill her.

On 28th September 2002, at about 7 am the squatters assaulted our neighbour in our house. My sister complained over phone to Dhubulia PS. The police came to investigate the complaint. In the meantime, the squatters spread the rumour that a relative of our neighbour ,who was working as my sister's driver, assaulted the squatters. The police saw that the complaint was false and as a result advise our neighbour to file a written complaint. After this investigation, when the police was returning, the police was attacked by hundreds of Muslims at the cross road at the Masjid. Realising the danger, they wired for additional help. OC Dhubulia/DSP- DEB came with additional force. They were also surrounded by the CPIM/Muslim mob.
The mob demanded that the police should arrest my sister's driver Ekat and hand over to them so that they can lynch him according to their conspired plan and wanted the police to say that "Ekat was lynched by the mob". Ekat's mother understood the plan and advised Ekat to move away. To satisfy the mob, the law was forced to take back seat by the police and they went to our house to look for Ekat.

My sister told the police that Eikat was not in our house but the police to satisfy the Muslim mob entered into our house and searched each room both in the first floor and ground floor without telling my sister about the "crime" and why they searched our house. The police did not find Ekat in our house. This enraged the police. They went away. At around 2 pm DSP-Nadia and other police officer came to our house again and asked my sister to open the door of our building. In the meantime, she phoned me for help as our house was surrounded by hundreds of Muslims. I told her to shut the collapsible gate and advised her not to open the door without speaking with me. My sister did not open the door. DSP threatened that he would break the door. My sister nearly collapsed and needed attention and told the police to do anything they liked. While the police was in our house, the squatters went on building huts in our house by violating the Order of the Executive Magistrate-Nadia. The police deliberately violated the law of the land to help the criminals belonging to CPIM.

The police left without breaking our door but threatened my sister that they would not "help" my sister if the mob attacked her. This irresponsible pronouncement emboldened the squatters.

The Police came back again in the evening to frighten my sister. They did not take any action to remove the squatters who was allowed to violate the law of the land with impunity. The conspiracy of the police and the communalist Muslims was complete. They together have violated the Orders of the Executive Magistrate-Nadia (Case No. 61/EM/02 u/S 144 Cr P C) and the West Bengal Land Reforms and Tenancy Tribunals (Case no.O.A. No.1276/2002 LRTT).

To cover up the violation of the judicial order, the police fabricated a criminal case against Ekat Sheikh and his elder brother Haru Sheikh (s/o late Jasomoddi) though Haru's wife Ainur was beaten up badly by the squatters. The police ignored the severe assault on poor Ainur despite her showing the injury and complaining against the squatters who assaulted her. The police did not enquire from my sister who phoned for the assault of Ainur. If there is any independent investigation, it will be easily seen how the police conspired with the communalist Muslims with a view to satisfy the Muslims by fabricating a case, a culture of the police under Mr Buddhadev Bhattacharya. These Muslims who are vote banks of CPI(M) hate India and Hindus. They show loyalty towards Bangladesh and Pakistan.

With regard to the plight of my sister, the Muslims want us to leave the village by selling our properties in throw away prices as they did to others over the years. They want Masjid Para free of any Hindu. Hence they have been persecuting my septuagenarian disabled elder sister. If a Muslim was being persecuted by a Hindu which is highly unlikely, the whole country would have been up at arms with the Hindus. The gravity of the situation is worse than that with regard to my sister and our family and yet the CPI(M) politician is conspicuously silent. It is clear that if the Muslims are communal, the CPI(M) turns a blind eye. The same CPI(M) portrays a secular Hindu as communal if that Hindu shows the following which I have done in the recent past.

Other issues:

1. I complained to Additional Magistrate-Nadia( General) on 22nd December 1999 about illegal construction of a mosque and walls on the public road without permission at Natun Para of Shondanga, on the way to Mayapur.

2. I complained several times for illegal slaughter of cows. Earlier it was on one place but now it is on half a dozen of places on every Friday by Anchhar and Mojam of Maniktala Para; Chatai Sheikh of West Para; Sahadot of Masjid Para; Bhola Sheikh of Natun Para behind the illegally constructed mosque. This is causing unhygienic environment which the health authorities know but dare not handle lest the Muslims are "hurt".
In addition to unhygienic situation, the Muslims slaughter cows in the public to injure the feelings of Hindus. Cow slaughter affects public order as it incites communal tension. You can enquire from the milkmen of Choughacha, PS Dhubulia. They are Sanjit Ghosh, Sudhan Ghosh and Dalim Ghosh. I have seen from our house how Sahadot slaughter cows in front of young children who learn cruelty from very early age. (I complained to SP-Nadia on 11.1.99 Attn: D K Gangopadhya, DM-Nadia on 28th December 1999 and Chief Secretary, West Bengal on 24th January 2000. I pursued without any results whatsoever).

3. Pregnant cow was stolen from the house of Mr Anil Biswas of Shondanga a day before the Muharam on 24th March 2002. It was slaughtered on the day of Muharam to the merriment of the communalist Muslims. Biswas family complained to Dhubulia Police Station against the persons who "stole" the cow. The police wanted to hush up to avoid "communal tension". A Congress Party Chairman Krishnanagar II, Mr Shyma Prasad Singhroy helped the police to hush up. Biswas family was given Rs 4000/- as compensation from the sale proceeds of the slaughtered cow. In 2001 also a cow was stolen from the same house just before the Muharam.

4. The Muslims from Shondanga went to Ballaldighi and threw beef at the Lakshmi Narayan temple on 13th July 2001. CPIM wanted to hush up but failed. A police case was started by Nabadwip Police Station, Case no.69/2001 of 14th July 2001. Owing to the influence of the CPIM, the conspirators were left out. It is a ploy to hush up the communalism of the Muslims.

5. One Anej Sheikh s/o late Chhomer Sheikh of Natun Para of Shondanga was fined Rs5000/- by the Islamic fundamentalists applying Sharia law. In addition, following a meeting of the Islamic fundamentalists on 13 March 2000, the Secretary of the East Shondanga, Masjid Committee, Mr Abdul Ohab Sheikh, sent letters to all the mosques in the area advising them to boycott this family.

6. Stealing of electricity for commercial purposes by Muslims like Fakir Biswas, Kutari Gaen and other Muslims in association with the police, CPIM and WBSEB officials at Dhubulia.

7. Dual nationality of many Muslims (The Supreme Court of India ordered in case of Bhanwaroo Khan & ors, W.P(C) 737 0f 1995 (judgment on 2nd April 2002 by Mr. Justices Doraiswamy Raju and Ashok Bhan) that "those who voluntarily migrated to Pakistan after Partition and became Pakistani national cannot claim Indian citizenship”.

However the Muslims of Shondnaga has precisely done that at the behest of the corrupt politicians and the corrupt administration. Hindus who are migrating to India to avoid persecution in East Pakistan/ Bangladesh are denied refugee status and citizenships of India but the Muslims who voluntarily accepted Pakistani nationality to live in their "homeland" can return to India and claim Indian citizenship. Since many of these Hindus were born in undivided India, their claim for Indian citizenship cannot be denied when the aliens are allowed to become Indian citizens. I believe this hypocrisy and double standards need to be challenged. Recently Mr Justices S B Sinha and PK Balasubramanium of Supreme Court of India have ruled, "it is unconstitutional to put the onus of proving that someone is aliens solely on the complainant", the State has to help the complainant to prove it if the State do not want to rely on thecomplainant's complaint.

8. Muslims in Shondanga launched a anti-India rally, loudly shouting anti-India tirades and slogans, when our Indian Parliament was attacked by Pakistani Muslim attackers in 2001. They offered prayers for Osama bin Laden. In 2006, they were mourning for Saddam Hussein of Iraq (after he was hanged for genocide after a trial).

9. Senior police officer DSP Papiya Sultana supports cow slaughter. When DSP Sultana was posted as DSP in Krishnanagar in Nadia, she came to investigate my elder sister's complaint of cow slaughter at Shondanga. DSP Sultana told my sister that she cannot stop the illegal cow slaughter without licence in our village.

The characteristics of our village are that if you enter into the village, it will give an appearance of a village in Bangladesh and not in India. It is therefore necessary to expose the culture of this village as in the future it will be a haven for the terrorists like the 2007 incident at N'Para, PS Dhubulia, Nadia.

The above will give you some mixed idea of the plight of Hindus and more so, Hindus like my sister in overwhelming Muslim dominated area.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Secularism in India Denotes Muslim Appeasement Only

Taslima’s Permanent Expulsion From Kolkata Proves It Best 

It was November 22, 2007 and now, when this report is being written – December 7, 2012 – lots of changes have taken place by now except one – Taslima Nasrin, globally acclaimed woman author, expelled forcefully by Islamists from  Kolkata on November 22, 2007, is yet to return to the metropolis.

And what is most striking each and every political or social force, ever ready to exceed other in asserting itself as truest champion of secularism, is retaining a strange silence in this regard. Even secular NGOs are found to state (these days) how wrong they were to count on "secularists" in Bengal for ensuring a safe return of Taslima to the state.

To voice its protest against this indecision and apparent betrayal of “secular” forces to placate Islamists (like Left Front ceded to their vitriolic designs on November 22, 2007), a press conference was convened under the aegis of Women Against Oppression (WOA) on November 22, 2012 in Calcutta Press Club at 4 pm, attended by a host of dignitaries including Sunanda Sanyal, Mohit Ray, Giyasuddin, Pallab Kirtania, Sujato Bhadra, Tathagata Ray.

The speakers came out as unanimous in decrying the blatant surrender of alleged secularists to Islamic fundamentalists and zealots who have been leaving no stone unturned to hinder the return of Taslima into Kolkata. In accordance with speakers, Kolkata, the city known for its free and unbiased thoughts and the inherent aptitude to protest, fight against any form of injustices on humans had a sudden death (on November 22, 2007) owing to this surrender conjoined with the intention to retain the same.

With no prospect of Taslima’s return to Kolkata, the press conference ended with vowing to continue struggles for the return of expelled author.        

What Hindus have been stating for decades that secularism in India defines appeasement of Muslims only and is completely different to the western notion, is proved once more.  
Lajja is a response of Taslima Nasrin to anti-Hindu riots which erupted all over Bangladesh, soon after the demolition of Babri Structure in India  on 6 December 1992. The book subtly indicates the sharp communal attitude to the Bangladeshi Muslims, the Islamic clergy, and the government. The Hindu minority of Bangladesh was severely persecuted, and secularism was sharply under shadow.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Hindu Temples in Bengal Awaiting Ruin

Government Funds Are Provided to Islamists Only, NOT to Hindus

Politics of blatant minorityism is dominating Bengal at the moment; wherever you go, it will only be found that the first and foremost duty of the state is to better Islamists while Hindus, sinful for being the majority community, are left in the lurch. 

Ratua-1 Panchayat Samiti, District: Malda, has donated Rs. 5 lakh to construct wall of Bhagabanpur Idgah belonging to Samsi village – Panchayat of Ratua-1 Block. The structure built decades ago, as per local sources, was dilapidated and hence, fund was sought from the local Panchayat for its renovation. Islamists of surrounding areas including villages: Maheshpur, Pindaltala, Gangadevi, Saharatala, Bandhakuri, Bhestpara, Garial, Nimtal and Bhagabanpur are found to be joyous, therefore and also hope that the overhaul apart from maintaining purity will attract new persons to Islam.

Almost 30,000 Muslims do gather and pray on Eid al-Fitr and Eid ul-Azhar, every year. Local politicians are also happy; they consider that Islamic delight will help them to retain their political bases and beef it up.

Can the same gesture be expected from Bengal’s political class regarding Hindus? The answer is NO; tens of thousands of Hindu temples, some dating back almost a millennium even, in the state are laying waste. No assistance has been extended from archeological departments to retain these wonderful creations, manifesting sanctity and artistic creation simultaneously. 

And if Hindus want to have similar assistance (like that from Ratua -1 Panchayat Samiti) a foul cry would be raised by secularists terming Hindus and their organizations as communal and also demons ever-ready to ravage the chastity of secularism.    

Myriad examples are there; take for example temples in Halisahar, Sub-division: Barrackpur, District: 24 Paraganas (North). The city (and also a municipality) does enjoy the presence of a good number of Shiva temples, paradigms of exemplary architecture expressing various events from Puranas. However, the majority of them is in deplorable condition  and awaiting helps from architectural departments. Shakta temples in the city do share the same fate.

No assistance has been offered yet; none will be there ever unless Hindus get proactive to save these atypical instances of artistry and divinity. 

Thursday, November 1, 2012

France Expels Tunisian Imam For Inciting 'Jihad'

France on Wednesday deported a Tunisian imam accused of inciting "violent jihad, uttering anti-Semitic remarks and justifying the use of violence against women."

The Interior Ministry said in a statement that Mohamed Hammami, 76, was deported to his native country Tunisia as the facts alleged against him were particularly serious.

The government has decided to be "uncompromising towards those who utter hate speeches against the Republic and our values, and to expel officials and religious activists who advocate radical Islam," Interior Minister Manuel Valls was quoted in media reports as saying.

Earlier in October, French police had launched a nationwide anti-terrorist raid to dismantle a radical Islamists cell. One suspect of a grenade attack on a Kosher grocery was killed during the raid and 12 others were arrested.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Spooked cow tramples Palestinian at Muslim feast

A spooked cow killed a Palestinian man who was trying to slaughter the beast on Saturday during the Muslim celebration of Eid al-Adha, a Gaza health official said.

Muslims around the world slaughter sheep, cows and goats, during the four-day holiday that began Friday, giving away much of the meat to the poor. The Muslim holiday commemorates the sacrifice by the Prophet Ibrahim, known to Christians and Jews as Abraham.

But accidents are common as people frequently buy animals to slaughter themselves instead of paying professional butchers. The festive atmosphere at the site of the slaughtering also tends to make the animals fidgety.

The 52-year-old man who died was trampled to death, and another three people were seriously injured when the cow ran wild in the southern Gaza Strip town of Rafah, said health official Ashraf al-Kidra.

In all, he said some 150 people were hospitalized in the Palestinian territory with knife wounds or other injuries caused by animals trying to break away.

Two similar incidents occurred in Pakistan on Saturday.

In the northwestern city of Peshawar, a bull escaped from untrained butchers and injured three people, including a 12-year-old boy. Police official Abdul Waheed said dozens of people chased to the bull and it was recaptured an hour later.

In southern city of Karachi, a young boy also was lightly wounded by a runaway bull. Owner Abdul Quddoos said it took two hours to reclaim the animal.

In Gaza, where over a third of the territory's 1.6 million residents live in poverty and nearly 80 percent rely on food aid, few people ever eat fresh meat regularly, making the holiday an even bigger treat.

During the holiday's first day in particular, Gaza's sandy alleyways and main streets are drenched in blood and entrails. Curious, war-hardened children stick their hands in the blood and watch in fascinated crowds as their elders butcher the livestock.

Impoverished families save all year to pay for an animal to slaughter, with many families often pooling their resources.

A kilogram (2.2 pounds) of fresh beef or lamb costs about $12 in Gaza — more than a day's wage for a worker, said Ibrahim al-Kidra, an agriculture ministry official. He is related to the health official.

He said some 3,700 cows and sheep are imported for consumption on a regular day, while 42,000 are brought in for the holidays. Most of Gaza's livestock comes through Israel's commercial crossing with the territory, he added, although female breeding sheep are still smuggled in.

This represents a change from years past, when Palestinians hauled most of their sheep, goats and cows through smuggling tunnels linking Gaza to Egypt, a move they resorted to because of Israel's blockade on the territory imposed when militant group Hamas seized power in 2007. That blockade has since loosened.

During the festivities, residents distribute at least a third of their meat to the poor, and another third to neighbors, giving the celebration a sense of communal solidarity.

Public slaughtering is common in Gaza, where professional butcher shops are pricey.

"It's neither healthy nor good. But it's a tradition," al-Kidra said. "Most Gazans can't believe they've finally managed to get an animal. They ask themselves: why should I pay for a butcher when I can slaughter it myself?"

Commentators also were disapproving.

"Killing an animal has standards," Sami Abu Ajwa pleaded on Gaza's al-Quds radio Saturday. He said under Islamic law animals shouldn't see each other being killed, they should be soothed, fed water and slaughtered quickly with a sharp knife to make the suffering minimal.Those regulations are widely ignored through the Arab world however.


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Muslim father tortured his daughters, raped them and murdered the one who got pregnant

An Emirati father brutally tortured his eight-year-old daughter to death and injured her seven-year-old sister because he wanted to exorcise jinn from their bodies, Gulf News learnt yesterday.

The 29-year-old father, Hamad S., thought jinn possessed his daughters so he tortured them more because he was provoked every time the girls laughed when he beat them, said a police lieutenant during prosecution questioning. Prosecutors charged Hamad and his 27-year-old Emirati girlfriend, Al Onoud A., with illegally grounding the two daughters in a flat and torturing eight-year-old Wudeema to death and injuring seven-year-old Meera. The latter sustained 10 per cent permanent disability.

Gulf News obtained a copy of the charges, in which the lieutenant cited Hamad alleging that he used excessive beating and torturing to exorcise the jinn from his daughters’ bodies.

Hamad and Al Onoud entered their pleas before the Dubai Court of First Instance on Wednesday.
“I did not torture Wudeema to death. I took Meera to Rashid Hospital to treat her broken arm… I didn’t torture her. I did not confine them, but I used to take them out,” Hamad told Presiding Judge Maher Salama Al Mahdi yesterday.

Al Onoud surprised the crammed court when she contended: “Hamad did not do anything to the girls. I beat and tortured them with hot water, electric wire, an iron… I electrocuted them with the taser gun.”

Senior Chief Prosecutor Mohammad Ali Rustom, Head of Family and Juveniles Prosecution, asked the court to implement a capital punishment against the suspects. The couple was also accused of hiding Wudeema’s body by burying it without obtaining proper permission.

“I was present with Hamad when he buried Wudeema,” claimed Al Onoud, who is believed to be pregnant."

Hamad admitted that he buried his dead daughter in Al Badayer area in Sharjah.

Concerning the charge of torturing Meera and causing her a permanent disability, Hamad maintained: “The Taser gun was not working. I didn’t torture her.”

The father asked the court to get a copy of the medical report from Rashid Hospital to prove that he took Meera for treatment when her arm was fractured.

Following Wednesday’s hearing, the mother was heard shouting at Al Onoud: “You will go to hell and be tortured there.”

Two lawyers will be appointed to defend the suspects and prosecution witnesses will testify when the court reconvenes on Wednesday.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Buddhist monks march in Myanmar to thwart Islamic office plan

Thousands of Buddhist monks marched in Myanmar's two biggest cities on Monday to protest against efforts by the world's biggest Islamic body to help Rohingya Muslims involved in deadly communal clashes four months ago.

The monks, a potent political force in the predominantly Buddhist country, denounced plans by the 57-member Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) to set up a liaison office in northwest Rakhine state, where violence erupted in June between ethnic Buddhist Rakhines and Rohingyas.

Just hours after the monks dispersed, President Thein Sein's office announced it would not permit an OIC representation in Myanmar. It was not immediately clear if the announcement was linked to the protests or had been planned in advance.

"The government will not allow the opening of an OIC office as it is not in accordance with the desire of people," said a statement posted on its website.

The monks were joined by ordinary citizens in Yangon and Mandalay. Some carried placards with the words "get out OIC", and "no OIC" and said they would hold demonstrations until the government agreed to their demands.

Despite being one of Asia's most ethnically diverse countries, there is entrenched ill-feeling in Myanmar towards the estimated 800,000 Rohingyas, most of whom live in abject conditions.

Accused of being illegal immigrants and usually referred to as Bengalis because of their South Asian origin, the Rohingyas are not recognised as citizens by Myanmar.

"The OIC is only for Bengalis, not for us," said monk Pyin Nyar Nanda at one of the rallies.

Anger and fear still smoulder between Rohingyas and ethnic Rakhine Buddhists after the spree of arson and machete attacks that killed at least 77 people and displaced tens of thousands.

A delegation from the OIC visited Rakhine state last month after several Muslim countries voiced concern about the welfare of the Rohingyas, whom the United Nations has described as "virtually friendless".

In a report in August, the New York-based Human Rights Watch said it had found evidence of "state-sponsored persecution and discrimination" against the Rohingyas in the weeks after the violence, claims that the government strongly rejected.

While all sides of the political spectrum have called for calm, the issue has become a hot political issue for Nobel laureate and lawmaker Aung San Suu Kyi. She has faced international criticism for failing to speak out in defence of the Rohingyas, who are denied the same rights as Burmese.

During the trouble, many Rohingyas tried to flee in rickety boats to neighbouring Bangladesh, which also refuses to recognise them. Most were turned back by security forces.

The government had earlier indicated it would consider allowing the OIC to open a temporary office in the Rakhine capital, Sittwe, where aid groups and journalists say the two communities remain deeply divided. 

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Speech of Ashalata Sen

Hon’ble Deputy Speaker, I don’t want to cite again what had happened in Noakhali and Tipperah, because a lot have been discussed and deliberated upon these incidents in the House. However, I want to express my sincerest grief about the oppression of women in Noakhali.

I haven’t come to talk about communal or sectarian partisanship. I have always worked for Congress and talked against the British imperialism. I have no inclination to create division among our countrymen. We always struggled against British imperialism and now we are witnessing how we are fighting within ourselves which is a matter of indefinite shame. The women are always the true representative of human kindness. They showered their affection and kindness upon everyone, irrespective of religion or caste. Today, the women are the worst sufferers. Today, in Bengal, we are resorting to communal violence. The Hindus and the Muslims raising fingers against each other.

Consequently, our Bengal is witnessing a downslide. Carnage in the name of religion is the death of humanism: I wish to draw everyone’s attention to that. I visited many relief camps in Noakhali and Tipperah to get to know more about the sufferings of women. It is a matter of great regret that nowadays we often try to cover up communal strife or violence; but a covered up wound like this can destroy the whole national fabric of our country. At Noakhali and Tipperah many women were abducted and made to undergo the crudest form of torture and the number of these oppressed women is kept under the wraps. Some people are trying to conceal the truth. We should try to rectify our ways. I have visited many home of the Hindus and Muslims.

No righteous Hindu or Muslim will tolerate the inhuman torture upon women. In our culture, we always repect the women as the ‘mothers’ – full of the milk of human kindness. At Noakhali (which is my birthplace) the Hindus and the minorities are living for ages and generations together. So, what has happened all of a sudden that resulted in such inhuman acts? We should not deny the truth. Those who are trying to gloss over the whole issue or to overlook the incident are actually going against human values and running through a path of self-destruction. People of all religions and communities should join hands together to put an end to what had happened in Noakhali and Tipperah and should try to bring perpetrators to justice.

Speech of Haripada Chatterjee

Hon’ble Deputy Speaker Sir, the Government of Bengal is seated here. We make arrangements of the administration and judiciary of Bengal from here. So, in one respect we Opposition are also responsible for the acts of governance.

What are we doing at present on behalf of the Government of Bengal is really pathetic. We have already set some remarkable precedents – in case of building, boats, wastage and pilferage of food grains, in controlling famine and starvation, in mishandling the civil supplies department. However what we had done in maintaining the law and order of the state is unparallel in the history of the world e.g. the communal riot in Calcutta. I don’t want to be bothered about the fact who started it – the Hindus or the Muslims. Every government have the primary duty to give security to the people, to protect the weakest from the strongest. We failed to deliver that. After that what had happened in Noakhali and Tipperah only put us in further shame. Communal violence is a national scandal.

The incidents of violence in Noakhali, Tipperah, Bihar, North Western Frontier Province, Garmukteshwar etc. have failed us. Only the third party reaped benefits. Those who have read the letters of Morley, Minto etc. have already understood how much elated is the third party today. The day when they made us to gulp the bait of separate electoral system, they made no efforts to hide their elation. If we can truly unmask the ulterior motives of the third party and make people aware of them, then we can justify our position. The Hindus and the Muslims are the ‘same-boat-brothers’. When we have almost crossed the ocean and reached the shore of freedom, we have resorted to infighting and violence. But if the Government himself is communally inclined, then who will exorcise the ghost of communal feelings? Whatever happened in Bihar is surely regrettable. But how can we overlook our faults? The Bengal Government has become a puppet in the hands of the third party. The last weapon of the imperialist is the venom of communalism. Their weapon is far more lethal than atom bomb or bacterial warfare. Atom bomb or bacteria can kill severals at a place at a particular time. But this poison of communalism which the imperialists have poured upon us, will act for many years. It is getting severe day by day and if we still do not become cautious, the poison will spread all over the body of the race and we will die, contaminated by it.

I have direct experience of Noakhali and Tipperah. I have visited the four thousand square miles of affected area. i started cycling from Chandpur and visited many parts of the affected area of Noakhali and Tipperah. I will never forget the heart-rendering scenes. Please listen to what I am saying and if you have hearts and brains just think. I went across several devastated villages and thought that I was going across a necropolis. Every house was gutted. The coconut trees were standing singed or burnt. Palatial buildings were even turned into debris. Everywhere one could find ashes. I have brought with me burnt remains of a little boy, an old man etc. I have seen at least twelve gutted houses at one village. At places like Chandipur, Mosimpur, Changirgaon 1,835 houses were annihilated.

In four thousand square miles area the villagers, mainly Hindus, suffered a lot. The League Secretary Hasem Sahib said that no woman was assaulted. But it was a lie. From my direct experience, I can say that in devastated area mass raping on hundreds of women were committed; hundreds of women were kept in custody for 8-10 days and raped. Many women are yet to return home. At one home eight members were killed. Sons were killed in front of their mothers. At another place nineteen out of twenty one members of a family were killed. I have seen the skeletons and skulls there. Skeletons can be found in ruins as well. In some places people were burnt alive. Husband was killed on the lap of the wife. Hasem Sahib has said that Congress supported Gholum Sarwar is responsible for the carnage at Noakhali and Tipperah. I thank him for not saying at least that Congress perpetrated the violence. I don’t know when did Sarwar Sahib became a staunch supporter of Congress. Why are we making him the scapegoat? Was he not ably backed by the police? Were not the League and the third party connivers of the act? If it was not so, how could Sarwar Sahib instigate people by his speeches so freely? If we can evict thirty thousand homes in no time for fear of the Japanese, why can’t we prevent Sarwar Sahib? Police could be seen nowhere in the vicinity when violence ripped apart Calcutta. Police actually instigated the violence at Noakhali and Tipperah. For fourteen days there was no Government. Repeated pleas to the police had fallen into deaf ears. However, it is a pity that we have enhanced the administrative efficiency of the police by procuring arms, aeroplanes, wireless systems for them.

At one place the locals showed me two persons as the prime accused of mass killing. They also showed me the petitions submitted against the two to the police and the Magistrate. Surprisingly, no investigation has started so far. Several petitions of serious allegations of plunder, murder, rape are lying with the police with no actions taken. Everything is fair in love and war, I suppose. At our district (Santipur) the police have arrested only people belonging to a particular community, whereas both the communities are equally affected. People ranging from a ten year old boy to a sixty year old man are sent behind the bars. In most cases, the bail petitions are rejected outrightly.

Hindus and Muslims both belong to the same motherland The infighting between us should be stopped immediately. The third party wants us to be engrossed in violence and infighting. They have planted the poison tree of separatism which has grown up to become a full-fledged monster which will destroy the whole country. The Government should take stringent measures to stop riots and communal clashes.

Speech of Jogendra Chandra Das

Mr. Deputy Speaker, Sir, in last October, the atrocities done to the minority Hindu community by the majority Muslim community in Chandpur, Hajiganj, Faridganj, Laksham and Chauddagram thanas of Tipperah District is unprecedented in the history. They have torched the houses of the Hindus and looted all the belongings by driving them from their houses. By beating the Hindu men and women brutally, converted them into Islam, and forced them to wear Pakistani cap. The hooligans raped the women, kidnapped them, broke the conch shell bangles (shankha) of the married Hindu ladies, wiped out the mark of vermillion and killed those who declined to be converted. They have desecrated the Hindu idols, broken some, burnt temples, plundered the shops and torched which was amounted to loss of crores of rupees to the Hindus.

On the 13th October atrocities held first in the Chandpur subdivision and when I heard the news of attack in the villages of Dhamra, Ashatoli, Ragoi, Sorshap, etc. under P.S. Hazigunj and informed the Government officials. But none of the local officials took any action for the security. Hence I sent a telegram to the Prime Minister. Sir, I read the telegram – “Ruthless attack made on hundreds of Hindus of Ramganj thana, Noakhali and villages of Hajiganj thana, Chandpur by thousands of Muslims proceeding from Ramganj area. Hundreds of houses burnt, looted and several casualties reported. Further depredation is being carried on in Chandpur villages. Situation most terrible. Implore immediate protection. Pray proceed to area – Jogendra Das, M.L.A.”

But I am sorry to state the Prime Minister did not reply. We do not believe that after having received the telegram, the Hon’ble Prime Minister did not take any measure to protect the properties and honour of the people. Because for about a month after 13th October the incidents of torching houses, plundering, arson, rape of women continued unabated. Thousands of Muslims unitedly murdered, loot, arson, forcible conversion and other offences against women that had become matters of daily occurrences. From 15th of October they in thousands raised slogans – Ladke Lenge Pakistan, Marke Lenge Pakistan etc. and attacked the villages of Haimpur, Charsoladi, Gazipur, Manipur, Charhasadi, Charbhanga etc. under P.S. Chandpur. All of them carried dangerous weapons – some of them possessed guns also. About 95% of the population were Scheduled Caste who are said to be Namasudras and in taken all villages they are accounted about 35,000.

You might have heard the inhuman torture of these people in the newspapers. Due to the riot they have been uprooted from their houses and became beggars overnight and while 19 villagers refused to accept Islam, were brutually murdered. There were continuing arson, loot, kidnapping of women, rape for three days. Those villages were within the radius of ten to eleven miles from Chandpur Headquarters. Sooner we received the news of atrocities, we informed the nearby police stations, Sub-divisional officer and District Magistrate and demanded police and military enforcement. But no positive action was taken by the authority. Timely requisitions of military then such carnage could have been resisted. As the civil authority failed to taken any measure to protect us, I again on 16th October sent a telegram. Deputy Speaker, Sir, I have already read out the telegram to you – “Inhuman attack by Muslims on thousands of Hindus irrespective of scheduled caste, Noakhali villages, Hazigunj, Chandpur, Faridgunh thanas thousands of scheduled castes rendered homeless destitutes. Houses looted, burnt, forcible conversion, several casualties reported. Most Namasudra houses in Haimchar circle burnt. Apprehension spreading throughout districts. Situation most terrible. Pray immediate protection. Proceed area – Jogen Das, MLA.”

Inspite of our report conveyed to the local administration and the Hon’ble Prime Minister no action was taken for our protection and resistence. I have personally visited devastated area and found that in every Hindu village there have been destruction as if by an atom bomb. It is also to be observed that the inhabitants of the Tipperah district who were the victims were mostly poor tillers and fishermen. The hooligans forcibly took away the bullocks, plundered everything, even the plough and seeds have been destroyed by burning. The houses and thin nets have been burnt in Ramchar, Charmugra, Mandartali, Kanchiara etc. all the villages under P.S. Faridgunj. The only assets of these poor illiterate fishermen who are dependent on the boats and fishing nets for their earnings have become penniless overnight and turned into beggars due to the riot.

Speech of Dhirendra Nath Datta

Mr. Deputy Speaker, Sir, it is really painful that in a motion like this it is impossible not to refer to the communal situation in the country and it is impossible to talk with restraint in the midst of so many lies that have been propagated by the other side. It has been stated by Maulvi Mujibar Rahaman, Secretary of the [Noakhali] District Muslim League, that since the outbreak of the incidents in Noakhali no further incidents took place after the 16th of October. Sir, Mr. Rahaman is a criminal legal practitioner for the last twenty years and knows the art of lying very much. Mr. Deputy Speaker, Mr. R. Gupta, a senior member of the I.C.S., was deputed as a special officer by Government to enquire into the incidents and he was attacked by a Muslim mob there. He would have been killed but for the police firing on the spot by one Satish Chandra Chakravarty, a police officer. This Satish Chandra Chakravarty who saved the life of Mr. Gupta was suspended by this Muslim Government. Sir, this incident took place after the 16th of October. Then on the 6th or 7th of November Mr. Haran Ghose Chaudhury’s cousin, Sachin Ghose Chaudhury, was murdered. On the 29th October, five villagers were murdered.

On the 10th November two men were murdered. In the 8th November, Suren, Akshay, Kshitish and Satish Saha were murdered and a relief officer was found missing since 8th November. It is impossible in this short time at my disposal to enumerate the incidents that had taken place after the 16th October. Sir, after the 16th October, within a month the unfortunate Hindu population of Noakhali were marooned and they were not allowed to get out of that area without a passport. He has said that the Muslim League has got nothing to do with the occurrence. How is it that it was un-organized affair? It is useless to deny the fact that from the 10th to the 16th October large numbers of Hindu population of Noakhali, about 150,000, were forcibly converted to Islam. That was the case of forcible conversion. All the houses of the Hindu population were looted during this period. And what is still more painful is that Hindu women were abducted. Mrs. Ashalata Sen has told the House that the Muslim League, that the Government which is in power, wanted to minimise the gravity of the situation. Any attempt to minimise the gravity of the situation is to put a premium upon lawlessness. Even today they are not repenting.

Mr. Mujibar Rahaman was telling the house that nothing had happened in Noakhali and Tipperah – very slight things happened. He can tell like this. He is the Secretary of the District Muslim League of Noakhali. He is reported to have told the other day that Mahatma Gandhi should leave Noakhali very soon. Mahatma Gandhi is trying his utmost to restore good feeling between Muslims and Hindus and Maulvi Mujibar Rahaman, Secretary of the Muslim League, is now describing today that nothing had happened in Noakhali and that Mahatma Gandhi should leave Noakhali.

Mr. Salam, another Secretary of the Chandpur Muslim League, is reported to have told on the 12th November that nothing happened in Chandpur. I know, Sir, Hon’ble Mr. Suhrawardy will tell like this. Sir, immediately after the occurrence the Hon’ble Mr. Shamsuddin Ahmed went to the locality and he is reported to have said that such things did not happen during the British rule, such things did not happen during the Moghul rule. That was the version of a Minister after going there after the incidents had happened. What is the use of telling that nothing had happened. Where are the reports of the two officers? Mr. Simpson is a senior officer. He was a District and Sessions Judge, not only a Sessions Judge, he was a Judge of the Hon’ble High Court for some time. His report was not published. Why his report was not published? His report will not be published. What had happened at Haimchar? Such a destruction had not taken place by the Atom Bomb. Only the other day I went to Haimchar and I saw the scenes of destruction. All the houses had been burnt and it is impossible to describe here today sitting in the Legislative Assembly the scenes of destruction that was committed upon the innocent people. It is impossible to describe the scenes of destruction committed upon the Namasudra community, 20,000 Namasudras in Haimchar in the district of Tipperah. I ask the Government not to minimise the seriousness of the situation. They should repent for it.

Speech of Haran Chandra Ghosh Chowdhury

Mr. Deputy Speaker, Sir, I move that this Assembly do adjourn its business to discuss a definite matter of urgent public importance and of recent occurrence, namely the situation created by the failure of the Government to prevent a mass uprising of the Muslims of Noakhali and Tipperah resulting in (1) forcible conversion of Hindus en masse of some portions of Noakhali and Tipperah, (2) mass abduction of women of the minority community, (3) forcible marriage of a large number of Hindu women and girls by the majority community, (4) murders of a large number of people of the minority community, (5) destruction of a large number of houses and properties of the minority community by loot, arson, etc. and (6) desecration of temples and objects of worship en masse.

Mr. Deputy Speaker, Sir, after the Calcutta disturbances in August last, the tension of communal feeling in Eastern Bengal districts rose very high and in the district of Noakhali it reached its climax. There was a tendency towards lawlessness in general. Hindus of the district who form a small minority and who are living in a scattered manner, isolated from one another surrounded by hundreds of Muslim families, felt absolutely helpless and insecure and apprehended danger every moment from the rowdy elements of the majority community. The great killing in Calcutta was attributed by the League leaders to the Hindus which naturally inflamed the Muslims. Further, exaggerated newspaper reports about Calcutta incidents and spreading of utterly false and unfounded rumours deliberately planned and engineered by a set of mischief-mongers including the designing supporters of the League still more aggravated the situation.

On the 29th August last, which was the Id day, the designing men and mischief-mongers spread throughout the district a false and flying report to the effect that the Hindus stealthiliy imported Sikhs and arms and kept them concealed in some important houses though not one was ever found. All these rumours spread throughout the districts with electric rapidity. These designing men further seized the opportunity of Id congregations in many parts of the district and openly incited the illiterate masses to violence. At this infuriated mobs armed with deadly weapons raided many Hindu houses and places of worship, killed some, assaulted and injured many more, looted some houses, shops and bazaars in different areas of the district and subjected the Hindus to various forms of oppression and indignities. Idols and temples were broken or desecrated. Cases of conversion and attempt at conversion were also reported. Extortion of money from terror-stricken Hindus in the name of subscription for the Muslim League became a common factor. Journey by road and boat became difficult. All business wa at a standstill due to uncertainty of the situation. In many cases, Hindus did not dare lodge any complaint with the police for fear of further oppression and harassment and some were actually harassed and assaulted. Often for the same reason statements made or reports submitted by the Hindus were withdrawn or contradicted. This was the state of affairs in the first week of September last.

Pir Golam Sarwar Sahib of Shyampur, P.S. Ramganj, who was then opposed to the Muslim League and who actually opposed hartal in his area on the 16th August last joined the Muslim League about the first week of September. Soon after this, big public meetings attended by thousands of Mussalmans were held in many places in the Ramganj thana and its neighbouring areas. These were reported to have been addressed by the Pir Sahib generally and often by Maulvi Abdul Kasem of Gopairbag. This audience in these meetings were exhorted to take revenge of the Calcutta incidents by robbing the Hindus of all they have, by ruining the rich, by removing the educated and intelligent leading men from the face of the earth so that those who would be left behind would either be absorbed in their own society or live a life at their dictation and Pakistan would then be an accomplished fact. The police officers were also threatened if they reported otherwise than what was given by him for report. This state of things continued for days together unchecked. Reports of these meetings were sent to the Superintendent of Police and other high officials from many of the places of the district.

The district authorities were further approached often by the respectable and important citizens of the town and informed of the general situation and often of particular incidents taking place in the far off mofussil areas of the district, and specially of the activities and provocative speeches of the organisers and speakers of these meetings, but no effective steps were taken to prevent their mischievous activities. I hastened to rush to some of the places of occurrence in the district and saw the District Magistrate and the Superintendent of Police later on the 12th of September last and placed before them reports of some of the incidents in mofussil areas of the district and suggested among other things posting of armed pickets at important centres and armed patrol parties to move round villages at regular intervals, prohibition of such public meetings and processions and carrying of offensive weapons, etc., I further informed the District Magistrate and the Superintentdent of Police of the apprehension of serious trouble by the Hindus during the Pujas.

While agreeing with the suggestions the District Magistrate informed me that in spite of repeated requisitions he could not secure additional forces for the district. The Superintendent of Police, Mr. Abdullah, however thought otherwise. Though welcoming contact and suggestions, whenever possible for me, he argued with me and minimised the whole situation telling me, all the while that there was nothing wrong in the district beyond panic and excitement. According to him the people of Noakhali behaved themselves in a very decent manner up till then. He told me however of having received two reports of provocative speeches delivered by the Pir Sahib of Shyampur up to that time and intended to meet him in a day or two.

What transpired in their meeting at Pir sahib’s house later is not known to the public. But the Pir Sahib and his lieutenants went on with their activities vigourously. When the Superintendent of Police met the Muslim population of Sahapur, Karpara, Lamchar and the other adjacent village in a huge gathering in the same day, many Hindus approached him with their grievances and asked for armed patrols, but the Superintendent of Police waived away all arguments remarking that everything they said was inference and imagination. As a sequel to these speeches and activities of the organisers of the meetings and inaction of the police, the miscreants and the hooligans were encouraged to go on with their depredations with redoubled energy.

I tried to draw the attention of the Government and the members of the Assembly to the serious matter during the last Budget Session by a cut motion on the Police Grant on the 23rd September last. No notice of this however was taken even after warning.

On 1st October 1946, about two thousand Muslim mob surrounded the houses of Hindu leading men of Sandwip town, viz. Rajendra Kumar Nag, Debendra Kumar Nag, Sarada Kanta Banerjee and Jogesh Chandra Banerjee and got signatures forcibly on a piece of paper purporting that theu would never perform the Durga Puja in the local Kalibari in the future. At this very late hour when almost every boat passing through Ramganj was looted, the Superintendent of Police issued an appeal and warning to the public on the 7th October last, to the effect that if they circulate rumours, carry on goondaism and loot, etc., no good to anybody would come out of it. They were asked to inform the police about the goondas, otherwise collective fines might be imposed and leaders might be asked to serve as Special Police Officers. Though the order was dated the 7th October, printed copies of the same did not reach the people before the organised riot at all. Beyond issuing notice what active steps were taken by the Superintendent of Police are not known to us. The whole situation of course was gradually worsening and heading towards a crisis.

Then came the fateful day 10th of October, the Lakshmi Puja day. This day a big meeting was held at the Sahapur High English School ground which was attended by about 15,000 Mussalmans. They were exhorted by the Pir Sahib to attack the kutchery bari of Rai Sahib Rajendra Lal Roy Chowdhury of Karpara, loot their properties, murder them and present their heads to him. Immediately after this the mob burnt down the Hindu shops at the Sahapur bazaar in front of Sub-Inspector of Police who was present all the time. After this the mob proceeded to Narayanpur kutchery with deadly weapons and surrounded and set fire to it. When the double-storeyed house was in flames Surendra babu jumped down from the first floor and fell before the Muslim mass who immediately cut him to pieces, and threw them into the flames and are reported to have presented the head to the Pir Sahib who was waiting at a distance. Some of his attendants shared the same fate.

Telegraphic messages informing the activities of the masses were sent to the Superintendent of Police and other high officials of the district. Representative men from several parts of the district saw the Superintendent of Police and the District Magistrate and sought immediate protection and police help. But the Superintendent of Police disbelieved many of them and told them that the report of murder of Suren babu was a pure myth.

Even on the night of the 11th October the Superintendent of Police disbelieved the story of a midnight loot at a village near Duttapara where his own car was also blocked about an hour afterwards. He was the type of a high official of the district to whom the Hindus had to seek for protection of their lives and properties!

Next day, in the morning, when Rajendra babu and his family were taking the morning tea, a gang of about two hundred attacked their house, but was repulsed with difficulty. Rajen babu informed the Ramganj police of the explosive situation and sought police help. The district authorities were also telegraphically informed but no help was to be had. In the afternoon several thousands of Mussalmans armed with guns and deadly weapons led by some ex-soldiers who had military uniforms fell upon his house for the second time, looted their properties and set fire to the corrugated tin houses. Meanwhile all the inmates of this house and the neighbouring houses took shelter in his building for their lives.

(At this stage the Hon’ble Member reached his time limit but was allowed to continue.)

After the destruction of the houses Rajendra babu’s building was set on fire with petrol. At this the inmates climbed upon the roof. Taking advantage of this hooligans fired a few shots. The inmates saved themselves by going behind the garret. A few minutes afterwards a portion of the roof collapsed and some went under the debris and lost their lives. Meanwhile the hooligans devised a way to get upon the roof by felling down a high coconut tree and using the same as ladder. One by one the male inmates were brought down and mercilessly butchered on the spot. The female inmates were brought down and cordoned off and taken to the Pir Sahib who was waiting in a boat at a distance. He ordered them to be taken to some other house. Heads of Rajendra babu and some others were reported to have been presented to Pir Sahib. Thirty four persons including about half a dozen unknown figures were killed on the spot. Similar incidents took place in other places in the district. From this quarter as centre, the organised fury of the Muslim mob broke out in a violent form and spread in all directions to the other parts of the Ramganj thana, the neighbouring thanas, namely Raipur, Lakshmipur, Begamganj and Sandwip in the Noakhali district, Faridganj, Hajiganj, Chandpur, Laksham and Chauddagram in the Tipperah district.