Thursday, October 11, 2012

Speech of Dhirendra Nath Datta

Mr. Deputy Speaker, Sir, it is really painful that in a motion like this it is impossible not to refer to the communal situation in the country and it is impossible to talk with restraint in the midst of so many lies that have been propagated by the other side. It has been stated by Maulvi Mujibar Rahaman, Secretary of the [Noakhali] District Muslim League, that since the outbreak of the incidents in Noakhali no further incidents took place after the 16th of October. Sir, Mr. Rahaman is a criminal legal practitioner for the last twenty years and knows the art of lying very much. Mr. Deputy Speaker, Mr. R. Gupta, a senior member of the I.C.S., was deputed as a special officer by Government to enquire into the incidents and he was attacked by a Muslim mob there. He would have been killed but for the police firing on the spot by one Satish Chandra Chakravarty, a police officer. This Satish Chandra Chakravarty who saved the life of Mr. Gupta was suspended by this Muslim Government. Sir, this incident took place after the 16th of October. Then on the 6th or 7th of November Mr. Haran Ghose Chaudhury’s cousin, Sachin Ghose Chaudhury, was murdered. On the 29th October, five villagers were murdered.

On the 10th November two men were murdered. In the 8th November, Suren, Akshay, Kshitish and Satish Saha were murdered and a relief officer was found missing since 8th November. It is impossible in this short time at my disposal to enumerate the incidents that had taken place after the 16th October. Sir, after the 16th October, within a month the unfortunate Hindu population of Noakhali were marooned and they were not allowed to get out of that area without a passport. He has said that the Muslim League has got nothing to do with the occurrence. How is it that it was un-organized affair? It is useless to deny the fact that from the 10th to the 16th October large numbers of Hindu population of Noakhali, about 150,000, were forcibly converted to Islam. That was the case of forcible conversion. All the houses of the Hindu population were looted during this period. And what is still more painful is that Hindu women were abducted. Mrs. Ashalata Sen has told the House that the Muslim League, that the Government which is in power, wanted to minimise the gravity of the situation. Any attempt to minimise the gravity of the situation is to put a premium upon lawlessness. Even today they are not repenting.

Mr. Mujibar Rahaman was telling the house that nothing had happened in Noakhali and Tipperah – very slight things happened. He can tell like this. He is the Secretary of the District Muslim League of Noakhali. He is reported to have told the other day that Mahatma Gandhi should leave Noakhali very soon. Mahatma Gandhi is trying his utmost to restore good feeling between Muslims and Hindus and Maulvi Mujibar Rahaman, Secretary of the Muslim League, is now describing today that nothing had happened in Noakhali and that Mahatma Gandhi should leave Noakhali.

Mr. Salam, another Secretary of the Chandpur Muslim League, is reported to have told on the 12th November that nothing happened in Chandpur. I know, Sir, Hon’ble Mr. Suhrawardy will tell like this. Sir, immediately after the occurrence the Hon’ble Mr. Shamsuddin Ahmed went to the locality and he is reported to have said that such things did not happen during the British rule, such things did not happen during the Moghul rule. That was the version of a Minister after going there after the incidents had happened. What is the use of telling that nothing had happened. Where are the reports of the two officers? Mr. Simpson is a senior officer. He was a District and Sessions Judge, not only a Sessions Judge, he was a Judge of the Hon’ble High Court for some time. His report was not published. Why his report was not published? His report will not be published. What had happened at Haimchar? Such a destruction had not taken place by the Atom Bomb. Only the other day I went to Haimchar and I saw the scenes of destruction. All the houses had been burnt and it is impossible to describe here today sitting in the Legislative Assembly the scenes of destruction that was committed upon the innocent people. It is impossible to describe the scenes of destruction committed upon the Namasudra community, 20,000 Namasudras in Haimchar in the district of Tipperah. I ask the Government not to minimise the seriousness of the situation. They should repent for it.

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