Thursday, October 11, 2012

Speech of Jogendra Chandra Das

Mr. Deputy Speaker, Sir, in last October, the atrocities done to the minority Hindu community by the majority Muslim community in Chandpur, Hajiganj, Faridganj, Laksham and Chauddagram thanas of Tipperah District is unprecedented in the history. They have torched the houses of the Hindus and looted all the belongings by driving them from their houses. By beating the Hindu men and women brutally, converted them into Islam, and forced them to wear Pakistani cap. The hooligans raped the women, kidnapped them, broke the conch shell bangles (shankha) of the married Hindu ladies, wiped out the mark of vermillion and killed those who declined to be converted. They have desecrated the Hindu idols, broken some, burnt temples, plundered the shops and torched which was amounted to loss of crores of rupees to the Hindus.

On the 13th October atrocities held first in the Chandpur subdivision and when I heard the news of attack in the villages of Dhamra, Ashatoli, Ragoi, Sorshap, etc. under P.S. Hazigunj and informed the Government officials. But none of the local officials took any action for the security. Hence I sent a telegram to the Prime Minister. Sir, I read the telegram – “Ruthless attack made on hundreds of Hindus of Ramganj thana, Noakhali and villages of Hajiganj thana, Chandpur by thousands of Muslims proceeding from Ramganj area. Hundreds of houses burnt, looted and several casualties reported. Further depredation is being carried on in Chandpur villages. Situation most terrible. Implore immediate protection. Pray proceed to area – Jogendra Das, M.L.A.”

But I am sorry to state the Prime Minister did not reply. We do not believe that after having received the telegram, the Hon’ble Prime Minister did not take any measure to protect the properties and honour of the people. Because for about a month after 13th October the incidents of torching houses, plundering, arson, rape of women continued unabated. Thousands of Muslims unitedly murdered, loot, arson, forcible conversion and other offences against women that had become matters of daily occurrences. From 15th of October they in thousands raised slogans – Ladke Lenge Pakistan, Marke Lenge Pakistan etc. and attacked the villages of Haimpur, Charsoladi, Gazipur, Manipur, Charhasadi, Charbhanga etc. under P.S. Chandpur. All of them carried dangerous weapons – some of them possessed guns also. About 95% of the population were Scheduled Caste who are said to be Namasudras and in taken all villages they are accounted about 35,000.

You might have heard the inhuman torture of these people in the newspapers. Due to the riot they have been uprooted from their houses and became beggars overnight and while 19 villagers refused to accept Islam, were brutually murdered. There were continuing arson, loot, kidnapping of women, rape for three days. Those villages were within the radius of ten to eleven miles from Chandpur Headquarters. Sooner we received the news of atrocities, we informed the nearby police stations, Sub-divisional officer and District Magistrate and demanded police and military enforcement. But no positive action was taken by the authority. Timely requisitions of military then such carnage could have been resisted. As the civil authority failed to taken any measure to protect us, I again on 16th October sent a telegram. Deputy Speaker, Sir, I have already read out the telegram to you – “Inhuman attack by Muslims on thousands of Hindus irrespective of scheduled caste, Noakhali villages, Hazigunj, Chandpur, Faridgunh thanas thousands of scheduled castes rendered homeless destitutes. Houses looted, burnt, forcible conversion, several casualties reported. Most Namasudra houses in Haimchar circle burnt. Apprehension spreading throughout districts. Situation most terrible. Pray immediate protection. Proceed area – Jogen Das, MLA.”

Inspite of our report conveyed to the local administration and the Hon’ble Prime Minister no action was taken for our protection and resistence. I have personally visited devastated area and found that in every Hindu village there have been destruction as if by an atom bomb. It is also to be observed that the inhabitants of the Tipperah district who were the victims were mostly poor tillers and fishermen. The hooligans forcibly took away the bullocks, plundered everything, even the plough and seeds have been destroyed by burning. The houses and thin nets have been burnt in Ramchar, Charmugra, Mandartali, Kanchiara etc. all the villages under P.S. Faridgunj. The only assets of these poor illiterate fishermen who are dependent on the boats and fishing nets for their earnings have become penniless overnight and turned into beggars due to the riot.

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