Sunday, November 25, 2012

Hindu Temples in Bengal Awaiting Ruin

Government Funds Are Provided to Islamists Only, NOT to Hindus

Politics of blatant minorityism is dominating Bengal at the moment; wherever you go, it will only be found that the first and foremost duty of the state is to better Islamists while Hindus, sinful for being the majority community, are left in the lurch. 

Ratua-1 Panchayat Samiti, District: Malda, has donated Rs. 5 lakh to construct wall of Bhagabanpur Idgah belonging to Samsi village – Panchayat of Ratua-1 Block. The structure built decades ago, as per local sources, was dilapidated and hence, fund was sought from the local Panchayat for its renovation. Islamists of surrounding areas including villages: Maheshpur, Pindaltala, Gangadevi, Saharatala, Bandhakuri, Bhestpara, Garial, Nimtal and Bhagabanpur are found to be joyous, therefore and also hope that the overhaul apart from maintaining purity will attract new persons to Islam.

Almost 30,000 Muslims do gather and pray on Eid al-Fitr and Eid ul-Azhar, every year. Local politicians are also happy; they consider that Islamic delight will help them to retain their political bases and beef it up.

Can the same gesture be expected from Bengal’s political class regarding Hindus? The answer is NO; tens of thousands of Hindu temples, some dating back almost a millennium even, in the state are laying waste. No assistance has been extended from archeological departments to retain these wonderful creations, manifesting sanctity and artistic creation simultaneously. 

And if Hindus want to have similar assistance (like that from Ratua -1 Panchayat Samiti) a foul cry would be raised by secularists terming Hindus and their organizations as communal and also demons ever-ready to ravage the chastity of secularism.    

Myriad examples are there; take for example temples in Halisahar, Sub-division: Barrackpur, District: 24 Paraganas (North). The city (and also a municipality) does enjoy the presence of a good number of Shiva temples, paradigms of exemplary architecture expressing various events from Puranas. However, the majority of them is in deplorable condition  and awaiting helps from architectural departments. Shakta temples in the city do share the same fate.

No assistance has been offered yet; none will be there ever unless Hindus get proactive to save these atypical instances of artistry and divinity. 

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