Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Muslim struggle for reservation is a strategic attempt to get into a position of dominating…

The Muslim struggle for reservation is a strategic attempt to get into a position of dominating Indian governments first through states where they have critical numbers and in turn at the Centre. There is nothing novel about it because it only means broadly a repeat performance of the history as it unfolded between 1906-1947. That history ended with the Partition. The pathetic picture of Pakistan discourages the Muslims of the rest of India into seeking a further sovereign separation. Instead they have chosen a more imaginative alternative of flourishing in India and at the same time living off the economic and intellectual labour of the other communities led by the Hindus. So much for current politics.

The ideological Gangotri of these politics flows from Gandhi's devastating ignorance of the Muslim mentality. One only needs to hear his favourite bhajan Ishwar Allah Tero Naam. Actually, this is highly offensive to a Muslim, whether he reacts or not. There is no God other than Allah, is the starting premise of Islam. Any wonder that Maulana Muhammad Ali said in 1924 that Gandhi is worse than a Musalman without character?

The Khilafat movement which Gandhi proudly led demonstrated his ignorance. When he found that he had not been able to get the Muslim masses to sing his praise, he declared that ensuring the Sultan of Turkey, the Khalifa of Sunni Islam, on his throne was equal to the achievement ofSwarajaya. When the Khilafat movement failed the Muslims felt betrayed and rioting began first with the Moplahs of Malabar. Killing Hindus did not stop for long years.

His eldest son Harilal must have taken a cue from his father's idea of Islam and therefore proceeded to convert himself and become Abdullah without understanding the religion. It was a rare tribute paid by a son to his living father. He abandoned his Ishwar in favour of Allah. Any wonder, he soon returned to being Harilal?

How many politicians of today know the published fact that Gandhi, in September 1944, at Jinnah's residence on Malabar Hill, Bombay, had agreed to Partition? He endorsed the Partition when it came by not even fasting in protest against it. Yet he fasted for giving Pakistan Rs.55 crore thereafter. The message to all his followers was that to appease Muslims is their bounden duty.

How many secular politicians of today realize that the seeds of Muslim strategy were sown in the Simla prayer to Viceroy Minto by 35 eminences led by Sir Aga Khan on 1st October 1906. While these were the seeds, Gandhi's example was the lasting fertilizer for Muslim demands.

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