Saturday, May 7, 2011

Tripura witnesses rising Islamic Terrorism, Shiva Temple Destruction

Tripura, one of the prime states in the north east part of India, is experiencing Islamic tortures rising to a large extent these days. This became most authentic when a 25 year old Shiva temple was attacked, burnt down on last 30 April, 2011, Saturday at 11 am, by Muslims and also razed. The temple is positioned in Jamtali area of Dakshin (South) Golaghati under Takarjala P.S. in West Tripura district, and is almost 25 km away from Agartala, capital of Tripura. It is to be noted that religious rituals had been going in the Shiva temple for 25 years without a single break.

The daring crime, done by none other than a gang of 20-25 Muslims, has created havoc in the vicinity. As per people in the environs, the Islamic crooks launched assault on the temple all of a sudden; it was then devastated and burnt down later on completely. The incident has enraged Hindu youths highly but elders are making best efforts to calm the situation down. Well, this approach has helped the locality to steer clear of malevolent developments that could have followed soon.

Meanwhile, Nemai Roy, priest of the aforesaid Shiva temple, has filed a complaint in the nearby Golaghati Outpost against a few Muslim criminals. These are Shahjahan Mia, Harun Mia, Suman Mia, Janu Mia, Neel Mia, and Hasem Mia and others. But the police and administration is yet to take these criminals into custody.

What has led to all these? If we conclude that Hindus in the state of Tripura are also withering, would it be wrong?

Perhaps not; there is no uncertainty that the reigning CPIM-led government is liable for lapses, administrative apathy in conjunction with Muslim appeasement. Enough records are there to prove that CPIM was key to egg on and also provide shelter to more than one lakh illegal Bangladeshi Muslim infiltrators in Tripura.

Here is a brief note for a reader. In accordance with 2001 census, Muslim population, in West Tripura district exclusively, was 8.29 percent. Again, their children (0 - 6 year) population was 12.46 percent of the whole child population.

Rising danger can be apprehended easily.

Last but not least, people are grasping presence of a covert and nefarious political design behind the devastation of the Shiva temple.

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  1. Thanks for the news. . .i am from Tripura and it was unknown to me. . .